New Work

This features new work also shown within their own categories. “The Buddhist Temple” was a gift for my Buddhist mentor Daisaku Ikeda.  As head of the Soka Gakkai International (Value Creating Society) the lay organization of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism,  he spread it to 14 million people in 192 countries. Evelyn Wolff has chanted Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo for 40 plus years.

The Chakras

This series was developed for an Art Show at the Chapel Gallery, Bracebridge ON called “Freeing the Bones”. The first image depicts Kali, the Multi Armed Goddess of Creation and Destruction, with her seven chakras, intake points for spiritual energy into the body, all open. Each Chakra in my own body was then focused on till an image of it was burned into my brain and easily rendered in design. 


These Flowers of Light were my contribution to the “Language of Light Show” Nov.13 –Dec11, 2004 held at the Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge, Ontario. Each flower became an icon; each represented one aspect of light.


These were designed between1983 to 1990. Most were created for people who wanted personal pieces to uplift them. I chose the colours and crystals to support the person’s energetic field.


Nature’s beauty upholds me daily. A day without seeing the stars and the moon, the light change over a lake or the wind changing the moods of the water is a day without soul food. Muskoka feeds me well.


In encouraging a friend to create a simple design for glass, he drew a stick figure running a kite down a rainbow coloured hill. His childlike spirit inspired me to make my own simple playful images, which now are some of my favourites.

Sacred Beings

The peace of Muskoka also takes me on mythic voyages. There I encounter ”The Phoenix and the Dragon Struggling over the Pearl of Wisdom” of the Chinese myth; the Great Turtle which began as a base for a stained glass totem pole; the Great Beaver , a humorous rendition, of a complex work.

Mandalas from Paintings to Glass

Five of these six mandalas, my initiation into channeled art, were designed between1975-1976. The sixth was a Valentine’s Card designed in 1995 for my upcoming anniversary. In 2006, I began to render these pieces in glass.

Bird Series

Living in Muskoka the visual visitations and cries of Loons, Owls, Great Blue Herons, Ospreys, piliated Woodpeckers, King Fishers, Cardinals, Blue Jays and Ravens daily thrill and inspire me to render them.

Frogs Series

This frog series began as part of my involvement in the Town of Huntsville’s preparation for the Water Healing Celebration held during the G8 Summit. The Frog’s presence reflects the health of the water system. It is also a symbol for me of purification and therefore of personal and environmental healing.

Architectural Contexts

Stained Glass can decorate windows, doors, transoms, or inlaid light-boxes above fireplaces as demonstrated in these pieces. Designs made to suit your context: windows, stair railings, room dividers etc. are only limited by one's imagination.